10 Year-End Superlatives for 2022

Whew! Finally coming up for air after the whirlwind of a year that was 2022!

I went through a lot this past year, in addition to having a baby (who is kind of part of the “a lot” but also a huge bright spot!). Fairly Southern has taken a major backseat to being a full time stay-at-home mom while also balancing a part-time job while also trying to sleep and eat occasionally. But I’m not ready to give up my little corner of the internet just yet! I’ll likely be posting very, very infrequently, but occasionally I may just have something to say!

Every year, I do a set of superlatives to recap the year. Here are my superlatives for 2022!

(You may notice that Most Inspiring Read is omitted this year, on account of I only read five books all year. Not a big enough sample to feel like I could really award this superlative!)

1. Biggest Milestone

Sorry, but this is kind of a “duh.” Giving birth to my first baby! Getting G safely into this world was no easy feat! I’ve posted his birth story over on Instagram but should probably get it up here on the blog too.

2. Hardest Challenge

Let’s just say that 2022 was basically a year full of challenges. Hardest? Breastfeeding, + the nasty spiral of intense issues we had with it. It probably sounds weird to anyone who wasn’t here experiencing it alongside us, but it was literally the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through (and while I have lived a very privileged life, I’ve also gone through some hardddd things before). From loving and excelling at breastfeeding, to suddenly experiencing soooo many challenges and fighting so hard to save things, to finally admitting I had to stop due to how debilitating things had become and going through the strongest waves of grief I’ve ever felt – it was really intense. I could say so much more on this topic but am not sure how much more I want to share publicly so will just leave it at this.

3. Most Memorable Trip

2021 was a year of globetrotting, and 2022 was a year of staying at home for the most part. But we did take G to Hilton Head Island in September, which was so amazing (other than him screaming the entire 8 hour car ride there and back). I not-so-secretly hope he’ll be a beach lover like me!

Hilton Head Island, SC | Fairly Southern

4. Best Bite

Gluten free fried pickles and okra at Skull Creek Dockside in Hilton Head, SC. Wes and I went in March for my birthday! I absolutely love fried okra but haven’t had it in 8 years since having to go gluten free. It was such a special street, especially for a ravenous pregnant lady!

Gluten Free Fried Pickles & Okra at Skull Creek Dockside in Hilton Head, SC | Fairly Southern

5. Favorite Photo

I have SO MANY from this year!! Gotta go with this one of G, taken by my amazing friend Stephanie at Sacred Spaces Photography.

Newborn Photography - Sacred Spaces Photography - Fairly Southern

7. Most Valuable Lesson

2022 felt like one giant lesson in living. The most valuable lesson I learned was that I am stronger than I thought/think. I have made it through some really hard stuff this year that at times felt insurmountable. But I made it! As Glennon Doyle says: We can do hard things!

Some major runner up lessons include:

  • You don’t always get to choose how your life story plays out, but you DO get to choose how you react.
  • Avoid comparison to others. Their stories aren’t yours. Focus on living your OWN life the best you can.
  • Some things are worth suffering and pain. Others are not.

8. Favorite Local Spot

Favorite spot this year was definitely our neighborhood! Hitting the sidewalk for a walk has made up about 95% of my outings this year. Haven’t been up for going to many restaurants, shops, etc. with baby in tow, especially with all of the challenges we’ve had. Plus I love being outside for a good walk! And since we just moved into our neighborhood in December of 2021, we have really enjoyed getting to explore our new community.

Stroller walk | Fairly Southern

9. Warmest Fuzziest Moment

Baby G’s first laugh!

10. Things I’m Most Looking Forward to in 2023

Hoping to make lots of fun memories with the baby! Lots of fun milestones ahead of us – crawling, walking, first birthday, starting preschool! I can’t believe how quickly it all flies by.

Also hoping to continue getting back up on my feet after the doozy of a year that was 2022, get a bit more rest, be a bit more on top of house stuff and work stuff, you know, fun stuff like that. I know it’s weird to look forward to normalcy, but I desperately need it!!

BONUS: Things That Didn’t Get a Superlative, but are Worth Remembering from This Year

  • Celebrating Christmas the whole month of January since the holiday season was completely sidelined for us in 2021 by moving and the unexpected death of a close friend.
  • Continuing to volunteer with Freedom Ride Rescue…making sure lots of lucky doggies get the snip snip!
  • Taking lots of bump photos, including professional maternity shots! I felt SO beautiful while pregnant (and miss it!).
  • Nested in our new home (I owe y’all some updated shots of how everything turned out!).
  • Felt very loved at two different baby showers!
  • Slept in. A lot. For the last time until G is a teenager, lol.
  • Planned a very unique celebration of life for my close friend who passed away in late 2021.
  • Celebrated Rufus’s 15th birthday!
  • Had a lot of fun (okay and a little stress) preparing for baby G’s arrival.
  • Had to move out of our house less than a month from my due date because of a severe springtail infestation. Bounced back and forth between family, an extended stay hotel, and rentals. Finally moved back home when G was a few weeks old!
  • Said goodbye to Wes’s grandmother at the age of 102. She got to meet G just a few weeks before she passed. Celebrated a life well lived and missed her like crazy.
  • Healed. In a lot of different ways.
  • Dressed G up in seven different Halloween costumes, one for every day the week leading up to Halloween.
  • Enjoyed a lot of small, precious moments and took (literally) thousands of photos to try to remember them all!

Okay, that’s a wrap! 2022, you were something else!

(If you’re curious to read my superlative posts from previous years, check them out here.)

Xoxo Laura

P.S. – I’d love to hear about your highs/lows of 2022 in the comments!

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