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How You Can Live More Sustainably This Winter

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Written in collaboration with Jeremy Bowler.

I know most of us are currently dripping sweat from the minute the sun comes up in the morning, but before long we’ll be feeling those crisp and cool fall mornings, and wintertime will be approaching! Even if you live in the South, those winters can be pretty unpredictable. Sometimes it is just about 60 degrees all winter long, while other times it is downright frigid. A lot is happening in the winter time, like the holiday season and thinking of gifts, so get a jumpstart now on greening up your wintertime game! Here are some ways that you can live more sustainably at home in the wintertime. 

Embrace Energy-Efficient Heating

For starters, think about reading through a clean and green energy blog for some helpful ideas. Winter is one of the most expensive seasons due to the cost it takes to heat a home, and all this energy usage means it’s usually one of the times of the year that is less eco-friendly too. Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is essential during the winter, but it’s equally important to use energy-efficient heating methods.

To save energy (and money on your heating bill), set your thermostat to a lower temperature when you are asleep or away from home. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature based on your schedule, optimizing energy usage. Embrace solar panels if you have that option; the same goes for old fashion ovens and fireplaces, as wood (especially if you cut it yourself) can be very sustainable. Additionally, consider using eco-friendly fire starters made from natural materials instead of chemical-laden products.

Practice Responsible Snow and Ice Removal

It’s not often considered, but it might be best to take a look at what you’re using for removing snow from your walkway and driveway. When clearing snow and ice around your property, opt for eco-friendly de-icers made from calcium chloride or potassium chloride instead of harmful rock salt. Additionally, use a shovel or snow blower powered by electricity rather than gas-powered equipment.

Maximize Natural Lighting When You Can

It can be hard not to have the lights on during those dark and gray winter days. But it’s vital to try to make the most of natural lighting whenever you can. Keep curtains open during the day to let sunlight in and close them at night to insulate against the cold. When using artificial lighting, switch to energy-efficient LED bulbs that consume less electricity and last longer. If you really want to take it up a notch, having solar panels is the best way to go so you can use that renewable energy source for your electricity. 

Embrace Blankets

Specifically, get some eco-friendly blankets or thrifted blankets! Instead of relying solely on heating, embrace the charm of winter by layering up with cozy, eco-friendly blankets and clothing. Choose blankets made from natural fibers like organic cotton, wool, or bamboo, as they are sustainable and biodegradable.

Wherever you live, I am wishing you a mild winter, and I hope these tips can help you maximize your sustainability efforts while keeping warm!

xoxo Laura (in collaboration with Jeremy Bowler)

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