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Ethically-Sourced Scrubs

Where all my do-good nurse friends at?? Finding specialty clothing items that are ethically sourced is incredibly difficult, so I was beyond excited when I recently stumbled across Catalyst Scrubs! The brand was started last year by a speech pathologist who saw a niche in the market for ethically-sourced scrubs. Catalyst’s scrubs are made by women in impoverished countries who are given fair wages and other incentives, such as free medical care, free child care, and free business courses.

Ethically-sourced scrubs from Catalyst Scrubs | Fairly Southern

The scrubs are reasonably priced: $29 each for tops and pants. Considering most healthcare professionals only need a few sets of scrubs to rotate through each week, this means you can get your entire work wardrobe for under $200, all while supporting fair wages and economic empowerment.

Ethically-sourced scrubs from Catalyst Scrubs | Fairly Southern

Y’all let me know if you end up buying the scrubs! Would love to hear if you like them.

xoxo Laura

P.S. – this is not a sponsored post. I just like sharing ethical brands with y’all!


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