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Feeling Uninspired? Try this Five Second Motivational Idea

Do you ever find yourself feeling a little less-than-inspired at work? Even for those of us who like our jobs, there are times when the everyday routine just gets….dull. About two months ago, I was having a lackluster day at work when an idea suddenly popped into my head.

Always Be Kinder Than You Feel | Fairly Southern

Like many folks, I have an inspirational quote board on Pinterest that I virtually never look at. Why do I pin all these quotes just to have them rot and die in the black hole that is my Pinterest account?? I decided to finally put my quote collection to good use by changing my computer background to a new quote every other week. That way, whenever I sit down at my work computer, I get a quick dose of motivation or insight that was carefully picked by me, myself, and I as something that spoke to me personally.

Nelson Mandela Quote | Fairly Southern

It’s super simple, but seeing these quotes really lifts my mood and gives me energy to carry on with my work day. I challenge you all to dig up some inspiration as we enter the final weeks of 2015 so that you can end your work year with a bang!

Bring Your Own Sunshine | Fairly Southern

xoxo Laura


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