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Fun Wedding Reception Idea: Beverage Boats!

What could be better than an ice cold beer? Grabbing an ice cold beer from an adorable beverage boat, that’s what.

Beverage Boat - Fairly Southern
via it’s a green life

This fun serving station is becoming popular at outdoor wedding receptions not only because of its uniqueness and the instant upgrade it provides for your decor, but also because it’s just so darn practical! This completely eliminates the need to stand in line for a beer or soda (just make sure you serve twist-offs or have bottle openers on hand) and could potentially cut down on the number of bartenders you need to hire for your reception. Filled with ice, the boat could keep drinks cold even on a hot NC/SC summer day.

Beverage Boat - Fairly Southern
via indulgy

These would be especially fitting for a lake- or beach-side reception, but could work at other venues too…for example, using a weathered canoe at a rustic farm wedding. And, who says these can only make appearances at the reception? For the ceremony, stock them with bottled waters for guests to snag as they arrive.

Beverage Boat - Fairly Southern
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So, wondering where to find one of these beauties for your own wedding or function? A DIY option would be to ask around with family and friends to see if anyone might have a canoe or paddle boat they are willing to donate to the cause. I also found them for sale at Lakehouse Lifestyle.

Beverage Boat - Fairly Southern
via Lakehouse Lifestyle

What do you think, belles and beaus? Will you be stealing this idea?

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