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How to Recycle Your Wedding Flowers (and Save Money!)

How to Recycle Your Wedding Flowers (and Save Money!)

Y’all, flowers can be expensive. If you’ve actually grown flowers yourself, you probably understand why. It takes lots of nurturing to grow a beautiful flower, which has to then be carefully cut and transported. And, if you’re purchasing from a florist, you’re also paying for the time, materials, and skill that go into professional arrangements. And you know where most beautiful wedding bouquets and reception arrangements go come midnight when the party is over? A big white trash bag. Yes, most wedding flowers are tossed in the trash mere hours or minutes after they stood in all of their splendor at one of the most important events of your life. That’s hundreds, often thousands of dollars worth of gorgeous flowers, headed to the landfill. Doesn’t the thought make you sick? Thankfully, I’m bringing you some wonderful alternatives today that will allow your gorgeous flowers to be enjoyed just a bit longer.

1. Donate. It would probably really make someone’s day to receive one of your beautiful arrangements! Thankfully there are programs out there that will come pick up your wedding flowers and deliver them to local nursing homes, hospice facilities, etc. I used one after my own wedding! The Flower Shuttle, based out of Raleigh, NC, has used recycled event flowers to create 123,802 arrangements since 2006. So amazing! Look for similar organizations in your area, or contact local Meals on Wheels groups, assisted living facilities, and other such programs to see if they might be interested in your flowers.

How to Recycle Your Wedding Flowers - Fairly Southern
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2. Give to guests. Let your wedding guests, bridal party, or family members snag a table arrangement to take home with them on their way out the door. Just make sure they don’t take a vase that your florist will be looking for (and fining you for) the next day! Looking at your beautiful flowers on their dining room table for the week or so following your wedding will brighten their day and bring back wonderful memories of the celebration.

How to Recycle Your Wedding Flowers - Fairly Southern
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3. Coordinate with other couples. Maybe there’s another couple getting married at your church just a few hours before you. Or perhaps there’s another reception taking place at your venue the next day. If you, your partner, and the other couple have similar tastes and can agree on a color scheme, you could share some of your flower arrangements and split the cost. Not only will you reduce, reuse, and recycle, you’ll also save some money while doing so!

How to Recycle Your Wedding Flowers (and Save Money!) - Fairly Southern
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4. Repurpose. If you’re having flowers at your rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, why not have those flowers repurposed at your wedding reception, or even a day-after brunch? You can leave the arrangements as is or make slight changes (different vase, additional flowers or greenery, etc.) to jazz them up and make them a bit different. Either way, you’re being more eco-friendly by using fewer flowers, and you’ll again save yourself money.

How to Recycle Your Wedding Flowers (and Save Money!) - Fairly Southern
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5. Get crafty. Even if you have no takers for donations and can’t think of a way to get multiple uses out of your flowers during your wedding weekend, you can still repurpose your flowers after the wedding with a DIY project. I’m actually working on one of these myself! You can have your bouquet preserved and framed, you could press some of your flowers to put in a scrapbook, or you could use leftover petals to make a Christmas ornament full of memories. The possibilities are endless for a creative mind!

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Belles, are you loving any of these ideas? Have ideas of your own? Share with me in the comments!

xoxo Laura

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