Instagram Bingo: Sustainability, Traveling the South, Fair Trade, & More!

Has anyone else really enjoyed the various Instagram bingo templates floating around these days? It’s a fun game to play, especially right now while everyone is stuck inside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have created several bingo templates related to things important to us here at Fairly Southern: sustainability, fair trade, and the south! Check out the templates below. They are also saved on my Highlights on Instagram. Save them to your phone, then upload them to your Instagram or Facebook stories with boxes checked off! Tag me @fairlysouthern – I’d love to see your bingo results!

Sustainability Instagram Bingo Template  |  Fairly Southern
Fair Trade Instagram Bingo Template  |  Fairly Southern
Traveling the South Instagram Bingo Template  |  Fairly Southern
Secondhand Shopper Instagram Bingo Template  |  Fairly Southern

Please leave me a comment if you have an idea for other bingo templates you’d like to see! And, be sure you’re following me on Instagram to see future bingo templates.

xoxo Laura

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