Internet Roundup: Signs You are OVER Wedding Planning, Alcohol, Funny Memes, and More!

Y’all had so much fun with my first Internet Roundup post that I decided to do another! Here’s what I’m loving on the interwebs lately:

1. A Guide to Serving Alcohol at Your Wedding: Great tips, whether you’re looking to cut your bar bill or are on the fence about serving alcohol given that you’re a non-drinker yourself.

Wedding Alcohol Etiquette
via Brides

2. 13 Things You Will Eventually Realize While Planning Your Wedding: Hilarious. Even the one that is a blatant advertisement for WedPics (I mean what did we expect, this is their blog…)

via WedPics

3. 10 Signs You’re Ready to Be Done with Wedding Planning: Another funny one. Perhaps so humorous to me because it’s hitting home just a bit?

So belles and beaus…any fun wedding-related links to share with me? Comment comment comment!

xoxo Laura

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