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Palm Frond Flowers: Budget-Friendly Bouquet Idea!

Hi there belles and beaus! I have an exciting, budget-friendly bouquet idea to share today. While I was in Charleston this past week, I couldn’t resist stopping by the Historic City Market to take a look at all the local artwork, gifts, and crafts on display. As I walked through, something caught my eye: the beautiful bouquet pictured below.

Palm Frond Bouquet - Fairly Southern

These beauties are made out of palm fronds! I think they would be perfect for a rustic or laid-back wedding, and they are so unique. You can dress them up or personalize them with bright colored ribbons or bouquet wraps, or just leave them as is for a simple look. The bouquets were retailing at the market for about $20 each, which is a steal considering many brides spend upwards of $100-200 on a single bouquet! And, they are absolutely reusable afterward as home decor.

If you live near Charleston, hop on by the Historic City Market and look for one of the several vendors who are selling the bouquets. Other belles and beaus may need to do a bit of searching to find them. I did locate an Etsy store called TwistedAcres that sells a more green-looking version. Comment below if you have tips for other readers on where to find these lovely bouquets!

xoxo Laura

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