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Small Joys: Volume 21

Small Joys  |  Fairly Southern

All the little things bringing me joy lately:

1. My sister and BFF’s bachelorette party! I actually just got back from their joint bachelorette weekend in Wilmington. We had the best time! It was a much needed girls getaway with yoga, a spa night, cocktails, and beach time. So looking forward to their upcoming weddings!

2. Decorating. I was recently inspired to try to add some navy and indigo to our currently all-gray living room. They are some of my favorite colors! So far I’ve only added some blue books to our shelves, but I am already loving the new pop of color. Thrift stores books have made it inexpensive and eco-friendly! Next up on my list is a navy or indigo love seat (been keeping an eye out on Facebook Marketplace and at consignment stores) and navy/indigo throw pillows (I have my eye on these in Indigo from West Elm).

Gray, navy, and indigo home decor -  Small Joys  |  Fairly Southern

3. Nord Beauty’s Make It Rain Toner. I recently got a facial at Trellis Beauty, and my esthetician Jade told me the toner I was using was drying out my skin too much. I am now using this toner and loving it so far. It is very hydrating and makes my skin feel less tight and dry after washing it. And it is made with non-toxic, sustainably sourced, vegan ingredients!

4. The Backstreet Boys. I went to see BSB in concert with some friends last month, and it was the best!! I was a BSB fan as a kid, but not necessarily a mega-fan. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed their concert. These guys can still sing! They put on a great show.

The Backstreet Boys concert at PNC Arena in Raleigh -  Small Joys  |  Fairly Southern

5. Lake time to finish out the summer.

Smith Mountain Lake  -  Small Joys  | Fairly Southern
Badin Lake, NC - Small Joys | Fairly Southern

6. Applying to foster with a dog rescue! We are still in the onboarding process, but I am so excited to get a sweet foster pup in our house. Helping animals is so important to me, and I’m also excited to see whether Ru might enjoy a permanent new addition to our family.

7. Gluten free Joe-Joe’s. Don’t know why I’m just now trying these, but I’m hooked. Just like with a real Oreo, the first bite is kinda “meh,” but by the last bite you are totally hooked and ready to wolf down the whole package. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be buying them regularly though, as they contain carageenan, which I try to avoid.

Gluten Free Joe-Joe's  |  Small Joys  |  Fairly Southern

8. Celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary! We went to the chapel where we got married and said our vows, then went to dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date. It was so fun to revisit places that have been meaningful in our relationship!

The light in me honors the light in you mural in Chapel Hill -  Small Joys  |  Fairly Southern

9. Sustainable fashion panel at The Scrap Exchange. I recently attended a sustainable fashion panel at The Scrap Exchange in Durham. It was great to hear from some local sustainable fashion experts, and I also really enjoyed checking out The Scrap Exchange. I love that they sell odds and ends that most people would throw away. They have ideas for how to use these scraps and even host birthday parties and other events! It is such a neat concept, and definitely a store to check out if you’re into crafting, sewing, or thrifting.

10. Rufus snuggles. This is always a joy for me. He has just been soooo snuggly lately!

#rufuspupnc - Small Joys  |  Fairly Southern
#rufuspupnc - Small Joys  |  Fairly Southern
#rufuspupnc - Small Joys  |  Fairly Southern

That’s a wrap! What’s bringing you joy lately, friends? Share with me in the comments!

xoxo Laura

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