Small Joys

Small Joys: Volume 9

Small Joys: Volume 9

All the little things that I’ve been loving lately. 🙂

1. My birthday! I celebrated my birthday in mid-March with mi familia. My parents, my sister, and her boyfriend + pup came up to celebrate with me. We went to Bull City Ciderworks, ate lots of delicious gluten-free food, went shopping, played games, and watched basketball. It was delightful!

Bull City Ciderworks in Durham, NC | Fairly Southern

2. Cadbury eggs. Not the large cream-filled eggs, the small speckled eggs with the hard coating. I just love them, and of course this is the only time of year you can find them!

Cadbury mini eggs - Small Joys! | Fairly Southern

3. New ink. Recently got this beauty inked on. Am very obsessed. You can read more about it over on Insta!

Compass Tattoo Pointing Back to Self | Fairly Southern

4. Low-key pizza + wine nights. You know you’ve found good friends when you can just hang over a cardboard box of pizza for hours.

5. Closing down McDonald’s. You also know you’ve found good friends when you spend a wild Friday night closing down McDonald’s. Y’all, I honestly don’t think I’ve been to McDonald’s since I was 5. It’s just never been my fast food of choice. But laughing my head off with some of my favorites over M&M’s McFlurries at 11pm was something I want to do over and over again.

6. Warmer days. We’ve had some sunny, 70-degree days around here! I sat outside all afternoon the day after Easter and got a little sunburn on my arms…and it felt so right!

7. Trellis Beauty. This is a relatively new clean beauty store in North Raleigh, and I finally got to go check it out!  Got me some fun goodies to try!

Trellis Beauty - Natural Beauty Store in Raleigh, NC | Fairly Southern

8. Italian Easter desserts. My Italian aunt made a bunch of delicious Italian food for Easter lunch, but my favorite was a traditional apple cake that she made gluten-free just for me. I love that European desserts tend to be a bit less sweet than American ones. Perfect when you’ve already got a full belly.

9. Adult Easter egg hunt. My friend Christie and I battled hundreds of other wackadoodle adults for 15,000 eggs scattered in a field at Dorothea Dix Park. There were some pretty fun prizes to be found, but alas, Christie and I only got candy. Best believe we’ll be back at it next year looking for jewelry boxes.

Adult Easter Egg Hunt at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh, NC | Fairly Southern

What’s been bringing you joy lately, friends?

xoxo Laura


    1. Thank you!! You will love Trellis! It’s in North Raleigh in Lafayette Village. I honestly don’t know how far that is from South Durham! It’s a little bit of a trek for me, but definitely worth doing. 🙂

  1. The egg hunt looks fun! I also love the mini eggs so much!! I snagged a bag after Easter and am just trying to make them last and last!

  2. Your tattoo is ADORABLE! It looks similar to one I have planned! Also, I have no idea about Trellis Beauty!! I have to go check it out ASAP

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