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The Best Bridal Workout Video – Only Takes 5 Minutes and is Completely Free!

Belles and beaus, I am going to share a little secret with you today about what I did to get in shape for my own wedding….Bride Arms!

While we often focus on waistlines when we think about getting in shape, there is another body part that will likely get more attention on your wedding day: your arms. In most wedding dresses, your chest, tummy, and legs will be covered, while your arms will be partially or fully exposed (unless you are wearing a long sleeve dress, of course). Brides with strapless dresses will expose their full arms, shoulders, and parts of their back as well! Seems natural, then, to focus on these areas when toning up for the big day, since they will be the most on display.

I honestly don’t remember how I originally found the Bride Arms video (probably Pinterest), but I LOVE it. It takes less than five minutes to do, can be done anywhere, requires no special equipment, and is free on YouTube! All you need is two cans of vegetables from the pantry. Wes laughed at first about the thought of using something as puny as a can of black beans to do a workout, but changed his mind after I made him attempt Bride Arms. Ladies and gents, this workout is a little tough, especially if you’re like me and have never touched a weight in your life! The burn is well worth it though, and even in just a few days you start to notice a difference. It really helped me be more conscious of my posture (which is important for wedding pictures!), and I definitely felt like it helped me tone my biceps.

So, give it a try, or search for a different workout video on YouTube that better meets your wedding workout needs. There are so many free options out there, it’s a wonder gyms are even still in business!

xoxo Laura

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