The Frizzy Hair Manifesto

We like big hair here in the South. Much to my chagrin, however, I have not yet seen big, frizzy hair become fashionable. So where does that leave frizzy-haired ladies like me? The lengths we will go to at times to obtain that illusive shiny sleekness is pure. T. cuh-razy. And you know what? I’m done with it. Tired of wasting precious time and money chasing after something that it appears I will never have. So, as the humidity creeps on up into the 90th percentile range this summer (all my frizzy haired friends can feel me on this one; we know EXACTLY where to look on Weather.com to find the hourly humidity), I propose a shift in attitude. Let’s stop all the fuss and worry and not give a hoot about our hair, even for one day this summer. Here’s our manifesto:

The Frizzy Hair Manifesto: Embrace Your Frizz This Summer! | Fairly Southern

  1. I will stop buying so many useless products. I just counted, and I have 45 bottles of various hair products under my bathroom sink. 45. Most of them I bought in the hopes that they would solve all of my hair woes, only to use them a few times and discover that they are just the same as any other product. They may help a bit, but they don’t magically get rid of the frizz. We have got to end this madness. It can be a huge money drain if you allow yourself to continue to buy and try, only to discard the product a week later. Instead of selling out to the marketers who make beautiful labels and say things we can’t resist (90% less frizz! Blocks humidity! Silk-ify your hair!), let’s pause a moment before tossing the latest-and-greatest into our shopping carts. I’m not saying don’t ever buy another product, but do your research before handing over your credit card. Read online reviews. Borrow from friends. Ask to try the product at the salon. Buy a smaller version before snapping up three bulk packages at Sam’s Club. You’re not doing yourself any favors by throwing your money down the drain on products that are mostly all the same.
  2. I will not let fear of frizz stop me from enjoying myself. Fear of frizz can be truly unhealthy and paralyzing. Instead of spending dinner at a beachfront restaurant worrying that the salty air is ruining the sleek look that took us one hour, four separate smoothing products, two heat tools, and a can of hairspray to create, let’s actually enjoy the view, the food, and the company. The time that you spend agonizing over your hair is time that could be spent actually enjoying yourself. And anyway, folks who are confident look far more beautiful than someone who is self-conscious and constantly adjusting her appearance.
  3. I will not drive to work/school/PTA meetings with a towel draped over my head. All you frizz-free people are scratching your heads. A towel over our heads? Oh yes. Raise your hand if you’ve done it. That towel is a humidity barrier, keeping your hairdo frizz-free until you arrive at your destination and whisk it off, stuffing it under your seat. If you are going to these kinds of lengths (whether it’s a towel or some other crayzay stunt), you are wayyyy overthinking things. There are more important things in life than frizz-free hair!  Stop the dramatics and just drive.
  4. I will discourage hair hating. We’re all in this together, folks.Don’t make nasty comments about others people’s hair. When others complain about their own hair “problems,” whether it’s frizz or something else, try to resist the urge to join in. Tell your friend they are beautiful with their hair just as it is. When we make negative hair comments, we are putting down ourselves and others and may be unknowingly creating hurt feelings and self-doubts. Frizzy-haired ladies would likely feel a lot more confident if we didn’t hear frizz being talked about negatively all the time!
  5. I will embrace my frizz! Do it. Wear your frizzy hair out on the town and don’t care. Love your hair just the way it is. Biscuits will not burn and friends will not hate you. Whether you do it every day or just once, it’s incredibly freeing to know that you CAN!

Who’s with me, ladies? Let’s let that frizz fly! #frizzyhairdontcare

xoxo Laura


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