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3 Sustainable Style Options to Try

3 Sustainable Style Options to Try

Written in collaboration with Jeremy Bowler.

Fashion consumers are increasingly becoming more aware of how the fast fashion industry is impacting the environment. Due to this growing demand, fashion houses are trying to keep up with the need for sustainable style options. 

Brands that are sustainable, or attempting to be, are more open with what they are using to make their pieces. They are working toward more fair working conditions and using recyclable materials, which can benefit the environment. Hopefully, more brands will catch on to the sustainability movement so that all future trends can be sustainable. To find out more about three sustainable style options you can try right now, keep reading.

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Ethical Jewelry 

Being sustainable in fashion does not stop at garments. As much waste can be produced from unethical jewels as it can non-recycled clothes. Sourcing your jewelry from eco-conscious brands means the piece will be likely be made from fully recycled or recyclable materials. The most commonly used metals that can be recycled and have a long-lasting life are silver and gold (as used in Jared Rings). 

Some brands are making jewelry out of other recyclable materials, such as wood and bamboo, which is equally beneficial for the environment. The next time you are purchasing jewelry, look at where and how it was made and the materials it is made from. Locally-sourced, recyclable materials are the most sustainable options.

Recycled Material Clothes

The top sustainable fashion trend is recycled material clothes. More and more brands are working to make their materials ethical and recyclable, or made from recycled materials. Clothes can easily be made by converting old garments into new ones. This technique can be done yourself if you’re into sewing, or you can rely on brands to use recycled materials. Always make sure to check the labels as that will verify exactly what the item is made from. 

Recycled materials can be used for anything from women’s workwear to daily outfits. So long as the item is made from recycled goods, it is fully sustainable. 

Vintage Shops

If you are fed up with purchasing new clothes because you know it’s better to buy pre-loved goods, vintage finds are the best option. Vintage shops and charity stores offer pre-loved items from clothes to jewelry and shoes, helping those trying to lead a fully sustainable lifestyle. 

Simultaneously, if you want to minimalize your wardrobe and offer your clothes to new people, recycling them to charity stores is an excellent option. This means fewer new clothes will be purchased, and you and other customers can enjoy pre-loved garments without the need to buy new materials. 

It is simple to be more sustainable with your fashion if you integrate these tips into your purchasing habits. Ensuring your items are made from recycled goods or are sustainably sourced is benefiting the environment and leading towards a cleaner planet. 

xoxo Laura (in collaboration with Jeremy Bowler)

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