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The Best Invitations for Virtual & Drive-By Parties

The Best Invitations for Virtual & Drive-By Parties

By now, all of us have been to a Zoom party, virtual wedding, or drive-by shower. While the COVID-19 vaccine has given us some hope for a return to normalcy post-pandemic, it is likely that alternative social events will continue to remain a popular (and safe) choice for a while longer. But no need for these occasions to be any less festive and exciting than their in-person counterparts! Set the mood for a joyous occasion with an invitation that is anything but boring or dull. Better yet, choose an e-vite so that you save paper and reduce your carbon footprint!

Here are 10 of my favorite e-vites from Greenvelope for pandemic-friendly events.

Car Parade – I love the graphics on this super cute car parade invite. I also think it is smart to include a line about the honoree’s favorite things so people can customize their signs and car decor accordingly!

Car Parade invitation by Greenvelope | Fairly Southern

Quarantine Responsibly – How fun are the drinks on this remote happy hour invite? They scream party!!

Quarantine Responsibly remote happy hour invitation by Greenvelope | Fairly Southern

Elegant Overlay – I love that this virtual wedding invitation allows you to feature your engagement photography (or your wedding photography, if you are streaming a pre-recorded wedding ceremony!).

Elegant Overlay virtual wedding invitation by Greenvelope | Fairly Southern

House Party – How fun are the colorful geometric shapes on this Zoom party invite? And also…who doesn’t love the idea of getting to attend a party from the comfort of their own home? Silver lining of pandemic living…

House Party virtual zoom invitation by Greenvelope | Fairly Southern

Mask Up – The mask motif on this socially distanced party invitation is super cute and very pandemic-appropriate!

Mask Up socially distanced party invitation by Greenvelope | Fairly Southern

Sit & See – This creative take on a “sip and see” party is a great idea for couples who have had a baby and haven’t been able to introduce the new family member to people due to the pandemic!

Sit & See virtual meet and greet invitation by Greenvelope | Fairly Southern

Noted Boldly – I love the simplicity of this invitation. The concept of the baby shower by mail is a great one too. Just because couples can’t have an in-person party doesn’t mean we shouldn’t shower them with all the things they’ll need for their little one!

Noted Boldly baby shower by mail invitation by Greenvelope | Fairly Southern

Scavenger Hunt – If you’re looking for ways to stay entertained while staying at home, a virtual scavenger hunt is the perfect idea!

Virtual scavenger hunt invitation by Greenvelope | Fairly Southern

Drive By Party – I mean, how cute is the hot pink van on this drive by party invite? I cannot!

Drive By Party invitation by Greenvelope | Fairly Southern

Rose Gold Wreath – This virtual baby shower invite is ethereal and beautiful and perfect.

Rose Gold Wreath virtual baby shower invitation by Greenvelope | Fairly Southern

Which one of these invites is your fave? And what is the most creative pandemic-friendly event you’ve seen or attended? Leave me a note in the comments below!

xoxo Laura

P.S. – Please be sure to follow all local laws/ordinances and recommendations from the CDC related to COVID-19 when deciding when/where/how to gather.

P.P.S. – This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase a product using a link from this post. Read more here about my disclaimers/disclosures.


  1. Those are all great ideas! I have my 3 year old’s birthday coming up, not sure if we’ll do an online family event or some kind of drive by yet… but I love the idea of e-vites.

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