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4 Sustainable Advances in the Medical Field

4 Sustainable Advances in the Medical Field

Written in collaboration with Jeremy Bowler.

Although medicine helps promote health, the healthcare field as a whole is historically unsustainable. Think: disposable everything!! However, changes are being made to make the medical sector more eco-friendly.

A Smile for Green Dentistry

Poor oral hygiene leads to bleeding gums, bad breath, misalignment, and tooth loss. And in the worst case, you might need expensive root canal therapy to remove an infection. Unfortunately, dental procedures can also come with a high sustainability cost. Strict hygiene levels requirements in dentistry mean there is a lot of waste because of single-use items. However, changes are being made for more sustainable materials to be used. For instance, mercury is being replaced with sustainable amalgams. The concept of green dentistry is about reducing the environmental impact of dental procedures and reducing waste and wastewater.

Reducing Carbon Footprints with Net-Zero Policies

There is a growing worldwide demand for reduction of carbon footprints. Local hospitals, universities, and other medical institutions are beginning to invest in eco-friendly solutions and advance their sustainable practices, sometimes even adopting “Net-Zero” carbon footprint policies. Leadership and engagement at the board level are critical to a successful transformation.

Eco-Friendly Medical Products Making a Difference

The practices of health experts play a crucial role in reducing waste and being more eco-friendly in general. But significant steps are being made in the medical supply field as well. Cutting edge technologies are reducing waste and energy with the following devices:

  • FLEXBUMIN containers that use up to 77% less carbon.
  • Eco-friendly Green Series LED examination lights.
  • Primary and secondary merged pre-packaged syringes.
  • Neptune 2 dual bin medical waste management system.
  • Zero-waste, low-temperature sterilizers from Ortosintese.

As the medical field shifts towards reducing its carbon footprint, technological advancement in manufacturing medical devices is crucial.

The Relationship Between Greenery and Health

Plants and natural environments provide a wide variety of benefits and are aesthetically pleasing. Plants also have a physical and emotional connection. They act as a vehicle for a natural connection to the earth. They also offer therapeutic health benefits to you and, in doing so, bring you peace, happiness, and positive energy. The relationship between greenery and the health of individuals has been studied over the years. As a result, more and more medical establishments offer access to green space in addition to pharmaceuticals.


Working toward a green medical industry takes everyone, from hospital board of directors to medical supply developers. By working together, medical manufacturers and practitioners alike can make a huge difference in reducing carbon production.

xoxo Laura (in collaboration with Jeremy Bowler)

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