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The Best Sustainable Phone Case: Pela Case Review

The Best Sustainable Phone Case: Pela Case Review

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and is my unbiased, independent review of Pela Case. All opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links. Read my full disclaimers/disclosures here.

Sometimes Instagram advertisers miss the mark (I am SO not interested in the long sleeve, giant avocado print swimsuit that keeps popping up on my feed). Other times, they score a slam dunk. I first learned about Pela phone cases from an Instagram ad! I’m really glad for that advertising, because I absolutely love my Pela case. I’m excited to share more about it with y’all, including my own list of pros and cons.

I’ve been using a Pela case for almost a year now, so I’ve truly put it to the test for this review!



The sustainability factor is what caught my eye the first time I saw Pela cases in my Instagram feed. The cases are made from biodegradable materials and can actually be composted. So much better for the environment than plastic cases, especially as our earth and oceans experience an ongoing plastic crisis.

Pela is also a member of 1% for the Planet, which means they donate a portion of their profits to environmental organizations. They also use minimal packaging when shipping their products. I love their eco-friendly approach!


Let’s be honest – we all want our phone case to look good. This is a device that you carry with you 24/7. It needs to be cute!

Pela offers a variety of colors that range from neutral to bright and colorful. There are also a number of designs, like my sea turtle case (official name: Ocean Turquoise Sea Turtle Edition). There’s something for everyone, whether you want fun, earthy, or professional.


I was curious about how my Pela case would hold up since it is made of biodegradable materials. I am happy to report that it has held up just as well as any plastic case I’ve had! I’m not gentle with my phone. I drop it often, I toss it into my purse, and I clean it regularly with sanitary wipes. The case doesn’t just start dissolving when you get it wet or scrub it with chemicals. It looks good as new after months of use!


I really like that this case is not slick like many plastic cases. The case is smooth, but it almost has a matte finish. This is great because my phone doesn’t slip out of my hands as much as it did when I had a slick plastic case.


Sometimes sustainable goods tend to cost a bit more since they are produced more responsibly. However, I was pleased to find that Pela cases are quite reasonably priced. Depending on what model you get, they generally cost $40-$45 at full price. Pela often offers discounts for new customers, and they also offer free global shipping on orders over $25 (which you can easily meet just by buying one case). In the past, I have definitely spent more than $40 on not-as-responsibly-made phone cases (cough, OtterBox, cough). I think these phone cases are a great deal, especially considering that you will be using the case daily!



Yes, this pro can also be a con. A friend of mine who purchased a Pela case actually returned hers because she couldn’t get her pop socket to stick since the surface wasn’t slick. I don’t use a pop socket, so this was a non-issue for me. Also, it is very possible that the case does work with some pop sockets…just not the one my friend was using.

That’s really the only con I can think of!

Would I Buy It Again?

Yes! In fact, I have! I purchased my first Pela case on Poshmark (because the only thing better than a compostable phone case is a secondhand compostable phone case….that’s double sustainability points!). When I got a new phone recently, I needed a different size case and purchased one directly from Pela.

I have absolutely loved both the Pela cases I have owned. I will definitely continue to buy, and I highly recommend them! I’m excited to possibly try out Pela’s sunglasses and other accessories in the future.

Have you tried Pela cases? If so, do you like them? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo Laura

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