Daily Fuel Review: Give Back While Working Out!

Daily Fuel Review: Give Back While Working Out!

This post is sponsored by Daily Fuel. All opinions are my own and reflect my honest thoughts on this workout streaming service.

I am someone who needs a little extra motivation to work out, if I’m being honest. I know working out is good for me, and I always feel really good after moving my body. Still, I struggle sometimes to prioritize exercise in my busy daily schedule.

I was really excited to discover Daily Fuel because it offers something I haven’t found from any other workout system: A give back model that allows subscribers to feed the world while exercising. I don’t know about you, but the prospect of being able to serve the community while also doing something good for myself definitely motivates me to work out!

I recently tried out Daily Fuel to see exactly what the workouts are like – read on for my full review!

What is Daily Fuel?

Daily Fuel is an online workout streaming service that is female-owned. Owner and instructor Leanne Thomas self describes her workouts as “an efficient, balanced and refreshing way to feel your best.” Workout videos range from 7 minutes to 45 minutes and can be accessed by subscribers at any time from the online video library. Videos vary in terms of theme, target body areas, and difficulty level.

Daily Fuel stands out as a unique fitness offering because their mission is to fight world hunger using workouts. Profits go to Rise Against Hunger, a global nonprofit dedicated to ending hunger through nourishment, emergency response, and community empowerment. Subscribers know they are doing something positive for their own physical health as well as the health of others.

What are the workouts like?

I tried out some of Daily Fuel’s workout videos myself to see what they are like. I am not a gym rat or fitness buff – just your average 30-something gal who has tried her fair share of online and in-person workout classes.

Daily Fuel: Fight world hunger by working out! | Fairly Southern

Instructor Leanne’s style is somewhat eclectic, which I liked. Her workouts contain elements of barre, yoga, sports conditioning, pilates, and cardio interval training. I like that Leanne transitions quickly between exercises – you don’t have time for your mind to wander or get bored, which is a MUST for me with my workouts!

Leanne also does a great job explaining WHY you are doing each exercise and what exactly it will accomplish for your body. This element of the classes is educational and makes you feel like you are truly moving your body on purpose.

The cardio intensity of the classes vary. Some classes are meant to be more gentle and restorative, while other classes are meant to help you work up a sweat. Some classes target specific regions of the body, such as core or upper body. Most of the classes involve some standing work and some exercises on the floor. There is something for every level of skill and fitness. The variety keeps it interesting!

Daily Fuel: Fight world hunger by working out! | Fairly Southern

Finally, I really like that the workouts can be done from home, or any other location of your choosing. In person fitness classes have their perks, but it can be incredibly time consuming to get dressed, drive to the gym, wait for class to start, spend an hour working out, then drive back home after. In all, going to the gym is often a two hour (or longer) affair. I like that I can turn on a Daily Fuel video at whatever time works for me, with no time wasted on a commute, and be done in as few as 10 minutes.

Do you need any special equipment?

No, the classes do not require any special exercise equipment. Some classes involve weights, but you could easily substitute canned vegetables if you just want light weight and aren’t ready to invest in a set of weights just yet (see me putting my cans to good use below!). A floor mat would be helpful if you want a little extra cushion and grip for floor exercises, but you could easily just sit directly on the floor instead.

Daily Fuel: Fight world hunger by working out! | Fairly Southern

What is the cost?

Currently, you can try out Daily Fuel free of charge for your first seven days. After that, a subscription to the online video library is just $19.99 per month. This is quite a low price, especially considering that part of the monthly subscription fee is going to Rise Against Hunger to fight world hunger.

Final thoughts

The fitness marketplace is saturated with every type of offering under the sun. Daily Fuel stands out for its give back component – it is the only workout system I am aware of that offers subscribers the opportunity to make the world a better place by fighting hunger while working out. The classes are engaging, affordable, time-efficient, and effective. It’s a win for me!

If you want to try out Daily Fuel yourself or learn more about their offerings, hop on over to their website and sign up for your free seven day trial!

xoxo Laura

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