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The Perfect Ethically Made Dress to Wear to a Wedding

Happy Thursday, folks! Today I am sharing the perfect ethically made dress to wear to a wedding! I love that this dress is stylish, comfortable, affordable, and totally wearable at least 3 of the 4 seasons out of the year. And, it comes in a variety of color options!

The Flourish Market Everyday Maxi in Poppy Floral. Ethically made in the USA. 5% of sales support family empowerment in Ethiopia. | Fairly Southern

One of hubby’s cousins got married in New York earlier this summer, and I was a little worried ahead of time about what to wear. I knew there would be lots of fashionistas present and didn’t want to show up looking like the country bumpkin cousin from the South. Nothing in my closet seemed right for this rooftop Brooklyn soirée.

So, I ran over to The Flourish Market and grabbed every fashion-forward dress in sight to put in my dressing room!

After some coaxing from Em, I decided on this beautiful Everyday Maxi dress in Poppy Floral. I love that it feels Southern but also sophisticated.  It is made in the USA, and 5% of the sales go to Help One Now’s Family Empowerment Program in Ethiopia.  At $54.99, it is a good price for a wedding-ready dress.

I had initially been worried that the dress’s knit fabric, while soft and luxurious as far as knits come, might not be fancy enough for the wedding. But the darker color helped the dress easily transition into the evening, especially when paired with gold, silver, and emerald accessories.

Brooklyn NY skyline wedding venue | Fairly Southern

This dress comes in several other fun colors/prints! My favorites for fall are the Plum Floral and the Taupe Floral, both pictured below.

The Everyday Maxi in Plum Floral from The Flourish Market. Ethically made in the USA! | Fairly Southern

The Everyday Maxi in Taupe Floral from The Flourish Market. Ethically made in the USA! | Fairly Southern

What do you think, friends? Are you digging the bold floral patterns on these dresses, or do you prefer something more subtle?

Want 15% off your first purchase at The Flourish Market? Use this link. Ya welcome. 😉

Xoxo Laura


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