Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

How in the WORLD is 2017 already coming to a close?? This year was jam-packed full of life, and you know what they say: Time flies when you’re having fun!

To celebrate another great year of blogging, I’ve pulled the top five most frequently visited blog posts on Fairly Southern in 2017. Starting with number 5:

5. 11 Year-End Superlatives for 2016. Good thing you loved this one, because my superlatives for 2017 will be coming to the blog next week! Hooray!

PowerSheets Goal Setting Workbook by Lara Casey/The Cultivate Shop | Trés Belle

4. The Perfect Ethically Made Dress to Wear to a Wedding. I am still swooning over this dress, and I’m glad y’all loved it, too!

Brooklyn NY skyline wedding venue | Fairly Southern

3. Welcome to Fairly Southern! It seems that my intro post to the new site was pretty popular with y’all! And I can’t blame you given the uh-mazing giveaway I hosted that week. It was an awesome way to celebrate my new blog name + design!

Fairly Southern | Blog | Welcome to my fair trade, eco-friendly, socially conscious front porch

2. Oak City Bridal: Eco-Friendly Consignment Wedding Gowns in Raleigh, NC. Y’all, I am thrilled to bits that you are so excited about this new local business and what it stands for. I can’t wait to hear about whether any of you find your wedding dress here! Contact me if you do!

Oak City Bridal - consignment wedding dress store in downtown Raleigh, NC | Fairly Southern1. The Smartphone App I’m Using to Stay Fit in 2017. Y’all, I’m kind of shocked that this is the most popular post of 2017! This is actually kinda awkward, considering I have NOT kept up with using this app. Haha! I do still think it’s a great app, and I’m glad to see that this post is resonating so much with y’all. Cheers to continuing to werk on our fitness in the new year!

The smartphone app I'm using to stay fit in 2016! Sworkit doesn't require you to leave your house or have any special equipment, and workouts are as short as 5 minutes...winning! | Trés Belle

Thanks for making this year a great one, friends. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us!

You can see the top five posts from previous years here: 2016, 2015, 2014.

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xoxo Laura


  1. I love it when unexpected posts become popular. It keeps me from putting myself too far into a niche. I remember loving your post about the ethically-made wedding dress!

  2. Great round-up! That superlatives post was a fun one – looking forward to the superlatives post for 2017! Here’s to another successful year, cheers!

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