Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

Tomorrow, we say farewell to 2018! It has perhaps been my favorite year of blogging yet. I have blogged weekly (a consistency I have never before attempted) on some of my absolute favorite topics!

To celebrate a wonderful year of blogging, I’ve pulled the top five most frequently visited blog posts on Fairly Southern in 2018. Starting with number 5:

5. Ethical & Sustainable Maternity Fashion with Poshmark Stylist Christie Barker! My friend Christie did an amazing job dressing her baby bump sustainably using Poshmark!

Ethical & Sustainable Maternity Fashion with Poshmark Stylist Christie Barker | Fairly Southern

4. Can We Please Stop Calling Women by Their Husbands’ Names? Many of you reached out to me after I published this post letting me know that this is a pet peeve of yours as well! Welcome to the 21st century, when women aren’t property anymore, and there is no need to address us by our husbands’ names.

Can We Please Stop Calling Women by Their Husbands' Names? | Fairly Southern

3. The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Shoes: Rothy’s Review. I am so glad that you were all interested in learning more about shoes made from recycled water bottles! Since writing this post, I have purchased another pair…and am contemplating my third purchase!

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Shoe: Rothy's Review | Fairly Southern

2. Norwex Body Cloth: 6 Week Update. Spoiler alert: this post will make a lot more sense if you read about the #1 post of 2018 first! So keep skipping along down to number 1….

Norwex Body Cloth Review: 6 Week Update. All the dirt on how the body cloth works long-term! | Fairly Southern

1. No Body Wash for a Week: The Norwex Body Cloth Challenge. Y’all were (and continue to be!) really curious about what it’s like to stop using body wash! This was by far the most popular post on Fairly Southern this year. Did I smell bad? Did my skin fall off? Am I still using the body cloth? Go read this post to find out about my initial reactions to the Norwex body cloth, then be sure to circle back to the #2 most popular post to hear about my reaction after using the body cloth for 6 weeks!

Norwex Body Cloth Review: How I Stopped Using Body Wash, Face Wash, Eye Makeup Remover, and Shaving Cream! | Fairly Southern

That’s a wrap, y’all! Thanks for making this year a great one. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!

You can see the top five posts from previous years here: 2017, 201620152014.

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xoxo Laura

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