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The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Shoes: Rothy’s Review

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Shoes: Rothy’s Review

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and is my unbiased, independent review. If you use my discount link to purchase a pair of Rothy’s, I will receive Rothy’s credits myself. Thanks for using the code and giving back to the person who is about to introduce you to the best shoes ever!! 🙂 

I’ve finally found the PERFECT travel shoes (comfy when walking several miles, lightweight, ethically made, and cute), and I can’t wait to share with y’all! I even have a discount link so you can score a pair yourself!

I have been on a quest to find the perfect travel shoe for a year and a half. When I’m traveling, I often walk a lot, so I need shoes that can keep me comfortable. The last time I disregarded comfort and walked around Barcelona all day in rock hard, thin-as-paper sandals, I ended up with debilitating shin splints that seriously cramped my style the rest of the trip. I never want to repeat that disaster!

After searching far and wide for the perfect travel shoe (and actually purchasing some that ultimately didn’t live up to the hype), I have finally fallen in love with Rothy’s. First, let me tell you about my strict criteria for my travel shoes, then I’ll share about how my Rothy’s stacked up on each criterion.

My travel shoe criteria:

  1. Comfort. First and foremost, I needed these shoes to be comfortable. We’ve already established why comfort is key with traveling (see above re: shin splints).
  2. Style. There are plenty of comfortable shoes out there, but the vast majority of them are anything but stylish. I am personally not willing to sacrifice on style in order to get comfort–I want both!
  3. Ethically made. It is important to me that my shoes be made in a way that is kind to people, the earth, and animals. I did not want anything made out of leather or suede. I just don’t think it’s okay for an animal to die for the sole purpose of giving me fashionable shoes when there are plenty of non-animal shoe materials out there. I also didn’t want anything that had been made using slave labor or unfair/unethical manufacturing practices.
  4. Easy to use. When I’m traveling, I typically have to take off my shoes to go through airport security. I wanted something that was easy to take on and off. I also wanted something that would be easy to pack (i.e. lightweight, compact) and that wouldn’t be high maintenance (leather that requires conditioning, etc.).

As you can see, this was a pretty tall order. I was not willing to compromise my ethics, fashion, or comfort for these shoes.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Shoe: Rothy's Review | Fairly Southern

How Rothy’s performed:

I actually stumbled across Rothy’s due to an Instagram ad! I was particularly intrigued by the fact that these flats are made from recycled water bottles. I read up on them, then ordered a couple of different pairs in various sizes, styles, and colors just to see how they fit and which colors I actually liked in person. Rothy’s offers free shipping and returns, so it’s completely risk-free to buy a pair (or several) just to see if you like them. Here’s how they held up when evaluated next to each of my criteria:

  1. Comfort. These shoes are so comfortable! The insoles are super cushiony. The shoes also fit like a glove, as they are made without seams (which often create stiff edges). One thing I loved was that there was very little breaking in period. The first time I wore the shoes for a long distance, my big toe did hurt a bit. After that, I have had smooth sailing. I can walk several miles, and my feet feel great! I will say that there is not much arch support, so if you are someone who needs a lot of arch support, I would recommend purchasing arch support inserts and swapping those out for the insoles that come in the shoes (they are removable).
  2. Style. These shoes are definitely cute, and the colors/patterns range from basic black to blue python. Rothy’s currently offers three different styles: round toe, pointed toe, and loafers. I went with a round toe, as this style tends to look the most flattering on me. I have very thin calves, and sometimes shoes can look bulky on me or make my legs look stick-like. Not Rothy’s! I am pleased with how cute they look on, particularly given how comfortable they are.
  3. Ethically Made. This is one of the things that really sets Rothy’s apart from other shoes. They are made from recycled water bottles, which I think is amazing! That means that fewer new resources are having to be harvested/produced in order to make these shoes, and they are 100% vegan. The soles of the shoes are also made using carbon-free rubber, further reducing environmental impact. And the icing on the cake? Once you’ve worn your Rothy’s into the ground, you can send them to Rothy’s recycling center using their free shipping program. In addition to being eco-friendly, Rothy’s are manufactured in a way that is kind to other people. Rothy’s owns their own factory in China, which means they control how their workers are treated (as opposed to contracting with a factory and having no real say in how workers are treated, which is unfortunately quite common). According to Rothy’s, their workers are provided fair wages, living accommodations, and meals.
  4. Easy to use. This is yet another way in which Rothy’s really surpassed my expectations. They are machine washable! How much more low maintenance does it get? I don’t have to worry about a little mud, dust, or sidewalk sludge when traveling because I know it won’t ruin these shoes. I can get off the beaten path to check out beautiful scenery and walk confidently on a rainy day. They are also easy to slip on and off, lightweight (only 9.3 ounces!) and low profile for packing.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Shoe: Rothy's Review | Fairly Southern

So, are there any downsides to these shoes? Well, they aren’t the cheapest shoes I’ve ever purchased (though they aren’t the most expensive, either). You aren’t going to get bargain pricing for shoes that are manufactured ethically and that are this comfortable and stylish. It just comes with the territory. Still, if you’re balking a bit at the price…

Discount Link

If you want to buy your own pair of Rothy’s, CLICK HERE to get $20 off your first pair!

I hope this review was helpful for y’all. Let me know if you’ve tried Rothy’s and what you think about them! I’m also curious to hear what other shoes you love for traveling!

xoxo Laura


  1. Too cute! I’m with ya on the comfort necessity! I usually wear sneakers on trips because my family does a lot of hiking, etc. I’m definitely one who needs arch support but these would be great for a casual day out, dinner, etc. Thanks for the introduction to a new-to-me brand!

  2. I will have to try out these shoes. They sound and look wonderful. I have horribly flat feet and get shin splints any time I walk a lot. It is always a challenge to find comfortable shoes that are also cute.

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