Small Joys

Small Joys: Volume 11

Small Joys: Volume 11

All the little things bringing me joy lately:

1. For the Love Podcast, series 2, episode 5 with Anna LeBaron and Ruth Wariner. So,  I’m obviously many months behind on my podcasts, but that doesn’t make this one any less relevant. Y’all, I cried multiple times during this podcast as Anna and Ruth told their incredible stories of escaping from polygamist cults, recovering from abuse, and going on to thrive. It was so inspirational! 

For the Love Podcast wtih Jen Hatmaker | Fairly Southern

2. For the Love Podcast, series 2, episode 9 with Chrissy Kelly. I know it’s lame to list another episode of the same podcast, but this one was also incredible! Chrissy describes how her world was flipped upside down when her two sons were diagnosed with autism and how she has learned to thrive in her new normal. Perhaps it is because I have worked with so many individuals with autism, but this episode brought me to tears multiple times. Chrissy is fiesty yet also reflective, introspective, and smart. I greatly enjoyed this podcast episode!

3. Modern medicine. I tend to be a little on the crunchy side when it comes to healthcare. I may trend more toward astragalus root than Nyquil, but boy do I love modern medicine when I really need it. I came down with a bad stomach bug while on vacation last week, and I can’t tell you how grateful I was for Pedialyte, IV fluids, and pain medication. Life saving!

4. S.W. Basics Toner. I’ll have to try it out for a bit longer before I dedicate a full blog post to it, but I’m loving it so far! My oily, acne-prone skin has never looked better!

S.W. Basics Toner | Fairly Southern

6. Fresh vegetables. Fruits and veggies always taste best when they’re in season! I’ve been loving all of the fresh tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, and other garden goodies that have been so delicious lately. I think I could eat Caprese salad every night for dinner if given the chance. Fresh basil = heart eye emoji.

5. Midtown Beach Music. I’ve always wanted to go to the weekly beach music concerts that Raleigh’s North Hills shopping complex hosts each summer, but I have never made it happen. Until a couple of weeks ago! I volunteered at the concert and got to listen to The Catalinas. It was a gorgeous night to be outside, and it felt so quintessentially summer! (Also, is anyone else constantly perplexed by the fact that NORTH Hills is considered Midtown? Shouldn’t it be Northtown??)

North Hills Beach Music | Fairly Southern

7. This Small Joys series. I honestly don’t care whether a single person reads my Small Joys posts, because they are 1000% worth doing just because of how they impact me when I write them. Deliberately taking time to express gratitude is so powerful, y’all. So good for ya soul!

Hope you’re having a lovely July, friends!

xoxo Laura

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