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DNA Footwear “THIS WAS A BOTTLE” Sneakers Review (& Discount Code)

DNA Footwear “THIS WAS A BOTTLE” Sneakers Review (& Discount Code)

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and is my unbiased, independent review. All opinions are my own. I received this pair of shoes in exchange for an Instagram post featuring the shoes. Read my full disclaimers/disclosures here.

Y’all know I’ve been a fan of shoes made from recycled water bottles for quite some time! So when I learned about DNA Footwear’s “THIS WAS A BOTTLE” collection, which features a lineup of three different styles of sneakers made from recycled plastic, I was pumped to try them! (And I scored a discount code for y’all, too! For 15% off DNA’s sustainable line, use code SOUTHERN2020 at checkout).

There are a lot of factors I consider when buying shoes. Sustainability, comfort, fit, affordability, and style are all important to me. Here is how my pair of DNA Footwear sneakers stacked up on all of these factors:


I selected the Joy TWAB Slip-On Sneaker in color Natural. The style of these shoes is on point. I’ve been wanting a pair of slip on sneakers for a while, so I was pretty excited about these. I have extremely slender legs, so sometimes sneakers can look clunky on me. I actually think these shoes are quite attractive on and don’t overwhelm my thin legs. They are smart casual and are definitely a step up from exercise sneakers…I would absolutely wear these out to eat.

DNA Footwear "THIS WAS A BOTTLE" Sustainable Sneakers Review | Fairly Southern

I love the color. This off-white pairs well with basically anything, from brown to black to navy to bright colors.

The shoes are a bit fuzzy and almost look like wool, which is a nice look in winter. It will be interesting to see how I feel about the fuzzy texture once the weather gets warmer. They are light enough in color that I may be able to transition them to summer. (DNA does have a few pairs of smoother shoes in their sustainable collection.)


These shoes really stand out in the sustainability department. The uppers are made from 100% recycled PET bottles, which is so awesome given the planet’s current plastic crisis. DNA Footwear has also taken care to ensure that the other components of the shoes are sustainable. The shoes come with two insole options: organic cotton (fuzzy and cozy) or natural cork (smooth). The soles are made from natural rubber, and the midsoles are made from recycled mattress foam! (How cool is that?!?) If you purchase a style that comes with laces, the laces are made from organic cotton. I love that DNA Footwear has intentionally selected recycled or natural materials.

Organic cotton and natural cork insoles - DNA Footwear "THIS WAS A BOTTLE" Sustainable Sneakers Review | Fairly Southern


These shoes seem to run just a tad large, so go down a size if you’re in between sizes. I consistently wear a size 8 in shoes. DNA Footwear uses European sizing, which means I was looking at a 38 or 39. I consider myself on the upper end of the size 8 spectrum, so I went with a 39. The shoes are definitely roomy on me. I don’t know that I could go down a size, but I do wish they were ever so slightly more snug. If you have a wide foot, these shoes should definitely be able to accommodate you.


The soles of these shoes are comfortable right from the start. If you’re someone who needs arch support, you’d probably want to add some arch inserts. But to me, the soles feel perfect! The fuzzy cotton soles are especially delightful and make you feel like you’re wearing slippers. I don’t want my feet to get sweaty while out and about, so I typically wear them with the cork insoles, which are smooth and have the right amount of firmness/support without feeling hard.

There is a little bit of a break in period with the two elastic pieces on the tongue of the shoe–they feel a bit scratchy at first. I imagine this is a non-issue if you choose a style that laces up.

DNA Footwear "THIS WAS A BOTTLE" Sustainable Sneakers Review | Fairly Southern


These sneakers are quite affordable compared to other recycled bottle brands. They are half the price of Rothy’s! The pair I got was $69.99, as is the Lo-Top lace up sneaker. The Hi-Top sneaker is $79.99. As with any shoe that is made responsibly, they aren’t bargain bin prices, but they definitely aren’t outrageous either….quite reasonable in my opinion!

Discount Code

In summary, I really like these shoes and recommend this brand for its sustainable practices and cute shoes at a reasonable price point. If you want a pair for yourself, use discount code SOUTHERN2020 for 15% off DNA Footwear’s sustainable collection. I honestly may do a bit of shopping myself…majorly crushing on the Willow Sustainable Lace Sneaker in Peach (hi, can you tell I’m a millennial by my pink, sustainable shoes??).

What do y’all think of these shoes? Will you try them? Or if you have already, what do you think?

xoxo Laura

DNA Footwear "THIS WAS A BOTTLE" Sustainable Sneakers Review | Fairly Southern

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