Small Joys

Small Joys: Volume 24

Small Joys: Volume 24

All the little things bringing me joy lately:

1. Our second foster dog, Nala! We received Nala on New Year’s Eve and fostered her for just 2.5 weeks until she went to her furr-ever home. She had a spunky and fun personality and gave us so much love in the short time she was with us. We are so excited that she found her person!

Foster dog Nala  |  Fairly Southern

2. Someone complimented me on my skin for like….the first time ever. It was an exciting moment. All credit goes to the clean ingredient Ursa Major Flash Mask I got recently at Trellis Beauty. This stuff isn’t cheap but works absolute wonders on my skin.

3. The “Which ____ Are You?” filters on Instagram. I have really enjoyed these over the past few weeks. My favorite may have been the Pokemon one (even though I know nothing about Pokemon), because I did the filter multiple times over several days and kept getting a Gloom. I have no clue what a Gloom is in the actual Pokemon game, but I think it is so cute and I love it. It really cracked up Wes.

4. Pepcid. Y’all, I generally tend to avoid medications as much as possible. In general, I’m more into homeopathic and holistic stuff. However, 2020 has not been kind on my health so far, and I have found myself grateful that I do have access to medicine when I truly do need it. I’m pretty sure Pepcid is the only reason I’m still somewhat functioning at this point. Forever grateful.

5. Stealing my mom’s clothes over the holidays. Mom, can you please be my personal stylist?

Fairly Southern

6. This quote from A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza: “Maybe it was the exceptions we made for one another that brought God more pride than when we stood firm, maybe His heart opened when His creations opened their hearts to one another, and maybe that is why the boy was switched with the ram: so a father would not have to choose between his boy and his belief. There was another way.” Gosh. So much love for that. May we always be quick to make exceptions for each other.

7. Death & Taxes. Finally tried this acclaimed restaurant in downtown Raleigh for my mom’s birthday. They were very accommodating of food allergies, and we had an amazing meal. Highly recommend for a nice occasion!

8. Back to yoga! I took a big break from the yoga studio over the holidays. That first session back was the absolute best; a return to my happy place! So grateful for Colors of Yoga.

9. Fun plans on the horizon. I recently booked two trips for this summer: A big vacation for me and Wes, and a visit to see my sister in California. So excited for both!

What’s bringing you joy lately, friends?

xoxo Laura

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