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Get Ready for #NothingNewNovember

Get Ready for #NothingNewNovember

Save the date!

November 1 is less than a week away (I know, right?? October has FLOWN!). With the start of the new month, I will be participating in #NothingNewNovember, a campaign by nonprofit Redress Raleigh that encourages people to buy no new clothes for the month. I hope you will join me!

Be on the lookout for more details on social media this week (follow me on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates). Participation is pretty simple: Just abstain from buying new clothing in the month of November. There will be an opportunity to win a prize by posting about your own #NothingNewNovember experience on social media! And of course, you’ll feel great because you’ll be consuming less, putting less strain on the earth, and lightening the load on your bank account.

Redress Raleigh is an NC-based nonprofit that advocates for sustainable fashion. They offer great resources for consumers wanting to become more earth-conscious with their fashion choices!

I hope you’ll join us for #NothingNewNovember. Comment below if you’re excited to participate! See you on social media!

xoxo Laura


  1. Yes! I try to do Nothing New all Year long whenever possible too. It’s tough! But fun and worth it πŸ™‚

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