Small Joys

Small Joys: Volume 22

Small Joys: Volume 22

All the little things bringing me joy lately (especially love doing this during a month where we take time to focus on thankfulness):

1. Our first foster dog! A couple of weeks ago we welcomed our first foster placement: An overweight yellow Labrador Retriever named Honey Bear. She is the sweetest dog, and we’ve been so lucky to have such an amazing first foster experience. We think she’ll be with her forever family very soon!

Honey Bear Yellow Labrador Retriever  |  Fairly Southern

2. My new double edge stainless steel razor. These are way better for the environment than plastic razors you see at the drug store. I previously had a Venus razor that was old and covered in mildew that wouldn’t come off—it was time for a new razor! I was nervous to get one of these because I had heard it is easier to cut yourself. I haven’t cut myself once! Also, replacement blades are SO much less expensive than the Venus blades. And you can just toss the metal blade in the recycling bin when it’s done, unlike the Venus blades I was using that were going straight into the landfill. Love it! 

3. The North Carolina State Fair. Wes and I went with my mom and had so much fun walking around taking in all the sights. Mom and I both have special dietary needs but still managed to find food we could each eat (a Dole Whip for me and roasted corn for mom!). 

NC State Fair ferris wheel |  Fairly Southern

4. Halloween! I love this holiday so much. I love dressing up, and I LOVE passing out treats. I love seeing all of the costumes and so many cute kiddos so excited. I hand out temporary tattoos every year, and they’re always a huge hit (plus food allergy friendly and have less wrapping/waste than candy!). This year I handed out emojis, unicorns, dinosaurs, and Day of the Dead skulls

5. Speaking at Redress Raleigh’s recent Who’s Who in Fashion and Textiles event! This was my first time speaking at an event on behalf of Fairly Southern. It was great! I loved meeting other local, sustainability focused brands and chatting about sustainable fashion! 

Laura of Fairly Southern at Redress Raleigh's Who's Who in Fashion and Textiles Event  |  Fairly Southern

6. Speaking of sustainable fashion: I’m excited to be participating in #NothingNewNovember! This challenge (also hosted by Redress Raleigh) involves buying no new clothes for the month of November. It’s really not that hard to go a month without buying new clothes, but doing it in November specifically is a bit challenging, since Black Friday sales will be a big temptation. But, I love the idea of abstaining during one of the biggest shopping months of the year to decrease strain on the environment. I think there are other awesome benefits too, like teaching us to be content with what we already have and helping our bank accounts be a little less depleted. I hope some of y’all are joining in on the challenge! Even if you didn’t start on November 1st, we’d love to have you join in. Check out this post on Instagram for info on how to participate and win a prize!

#NothingNewNovember sustainable clothing challenge  |  Fairly Southern

7. My friend Ileana’s sugar cookies. I can’t even y’all. These are gluten free!! Delicious AND true works of art! 

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull gluten free sugar cookies  |  Fairly Southern

8. Wegmans. We recently got our first Wegman’s in Raleigh. I’ve been twice now. The first time I went, I felt kinda “meh” about it. I think the produce was just really picked over. After going for a second time this past week, I’m a big fan. They have a lot of inexpensive, store brand organic products and a huge selection of gluten free products. And they carry Impossible Meat and have so many different flavors of Bold Rock cider. I was also a big fan of their parking lot sign reminding you to take your reusable shopping bags inside. I’m all in on Wegmans! 

Reusable shopping bag reminder sign at Wegmans  |  Fairly Southern

9. Last but definitely not least: my BFF’s wedding! SO happy for her and her amazing hubby! It was my first time as bridesmaid, and it was the greatest weekend!

Fall wedding at Duke Gardens  |  Fairly Southern

What’s bringing you joy lately, friends? Share with me in the comments!

xoxo Laura

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