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Late Winter Mauve

A hint of spring is definitely in the air! We have been having blessedly warm weather here in North Carolina for the past week, but winter isn’t quite ready to be done with us just yet.

With colder days still on the forecast for these last few weeks of winter, I have found myself reaching for seasonally appropriate clothes that also hint at the next season to come. My favorite color right now, hands down, is mauve.

Ethical Fashion: Late Winter Mauve | Fairly Southern

I love mauve because it is muted and very much a winter color, and yet it also suggests lavender and  lilacs that are about to spring to life as we dance into March and April.

This cozy twist top is made with a soft, luxurious fabric that is cut into a dressy sweatshirt. It gives off a casual vibe while also looking put-together. In other words, all of my favorite things.

 Ethical Fashion: Late Winter Mauve | Fairly Southern

And, best of all, it is made ethically and sustainably in the USA by Cotton Bleu. Of course, I purchased it at my favorite shop: The Flourish Market.

What are you wearing during this transition time from winter to spring?

xoxo Laura

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  1. What a cute top! I don’t have a maybe clothes, but you’re right that it’s a great transition color because it’s still a muted neutral for winter but the hunt of lilac alludes to spring ☺️

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