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Ritual Vitamins Review

Ritual Vitamins Review

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Ritual Vitamins in exchange for posting my honest review.

Alright, how many of y’all make sure that you get your recommended daily value of of each recommended vitamin, mineral, and other nutrients each day? What, none of you? Join the club!

I tend to eat relatively healthy food, but I don’t always monitor as closely as I should to make sure I’m getting EXACTLY what I need each and every day. I know that taking a daily multivitamin is a good idea just to make sure I’m not nutrient deficient.

Unfortunately, I have struggled off and on over the years to keep up the daily habit of taking my vitamins. So, I was excited when Ritual Vitamins recently reached out and asked if I wanted to review their Women’s Essential Multivitamin 18+, as I had been meaning to get back on the vitamin train! I was especially intrigued by Ritual Vitamins since they offer a subscription service (meaning you don’t have to remember to go buy more vitamins, they just keep coming to your doorstep) and because their vitamins are ethically sourced, gluten free, and contain no synthetic fillers.

After going through the entire bottle, here is my full review of the Women’s Essential Multivitamin 18+! (I have not tried the Women’s Multivitamin 50+, Prenatal Multivitamin, Postnatal Multivitamin, Men’s Multivitamin 18+, Men’s Multivitamin 50+, Multivitamin Teen Girls, or Multivitamin Teen Boys, but I presume they’d be similar. Ritual also has gummy multivitamins for kids 4+.) We’ll start with the pros, then get to the cons:



Okay, I actually didn’t love the taste of Ritual Vitamins, but I think most of you will. They have a fresh mint flavor! I am one of the only weirdos on the planet who doesn’t like mint, so I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the flavor I would have chosen. But, it wasn’t horrible either, even for a mint hater like me. I think having a specific flavor makes it more likely for the habit of taking your daily vitamin to stick. If you’re used to having that minty flavor every morning with breakfast, you’ll notice if it’s missing. So, the taste is a definite pro in my book!

Natural Ingredients

Ritual Vitamins are major allergen free and contain no artificial colors or synthetic fillers. They are also vegan and non-GMO. Bye bye, bad stuff, and hello to only the essentials needed!

Ritual Vitamins Review | Fairly Southern

Easy on the Stomach

I have a relatively sensitive stomach and sometimes experience nausea or acid reflux from multivitamins. No issues with Ritual Vitamins! I am sure that the lack of artificial/synthetic ingredients plays a role in making them easier on the stomach. It was nice to be able to just pop my vitamin and not have a churning tummy an hour later!

Supply Chain Transparency

I am all about transparent sourcing when it comes to manufacturing. Ritual Vitamins lists where their ingredients are harvested, and I have confirmed that they are source the majority of their ingredients from geographical locations that tend to have ethical manufacturing practices.


Thank the heavens, Ritual Vitamins are reasonably sized capsules and not giant horse pills. I have difficulty swallowing large pills, so I was relieved to find that these were a manageable size!


Having your vitamins auto-ship directly to your doorstep for free each month is so convenient. You don’t have to remember to buy more, and having them show up regularly is a great reminder to consistently take them.



I know, aesthetics is kind of a silly thing to even consider with vitamins. But it is worth mentioning that Ritual’s vitamins look a little…weird. The capsules are clear and contain little white balls that house the vitamins and minerals. To me they kind of look like something you’d grow in a petri dish? Just close your eyes and bottoms up!


Ritual Vitamins are affordable, but they aren’t the absolute cheapest option out there. You pay a little bit more for a high quality vitamin and the convenience of having the vitamins auto-shipped to you each month. That may be worth it or not worth it for you just depending on your lifestyle and budget!

Alright, that’s my two cents! Try out Ritual Vitamins for yourself and let me know what you think!

xoxo Laura

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