Small Joys

Small Joys: Volume 30

Small Joys: Volume 30

It has been a hot minute since I’ve had the chance to do a Small Joys post…I’ve had so much other awesome scheduled content! I’m glad to get caught back up on my joys, though. Here are all of the little things I’m grateful for lately:

1. The arrival of my nephew! Okay, this is definitely more of a big joy than a small one….but I had to include the birth of my nephew, Ridge! He was born this week, and I can’t wait to meet him in person. For now, FaceTime will do! In November we had a drive-through baby shower for the little guy; here are some cute cookies a friend made for the occasion!

Baby shower cookies | Fairly Southern

2. My Kindle. I have gotten back into reading before bedtime (something I did as a child but not so much as an adult) and am absolutely loving it! I find that I go to sleep much faster when I have a chance to lay in bed and wind down with a book. The illuminated screen on the Kindle is nice too because I can go ahead and turn off the lights so Wes can sleep.

3. Foster dogs Sage, Vanna, & Piper. Each of our fosters has to get honored in a Small Joys post! Sage arrived at our house in November and was adopted by the sweetest family! Vanna came to us in January, and Piper just came to us this week! They are both working on finding their furever home.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever | Fairly Southern
Vanna, foster dog | Fairly Southern
Piper beagle adoptable through Freedom Ride Rescue | Fairly Southern

4. Christmas Eve on the couch. We typically go to a midnight Christmas Eve church service, but I didn’t mind getting to do our service virtually from the couch this year! We will turned out the lights and had candles at the end. The best part was already being in our pajamas so we could head straight to bed afterward!

Silent Night Hymn | Fairly Southern

5. Unstable Unicorns. Wes got this game from my parents for Christmas. The game is witty in its design and aesthetics and is fun to play!

6. Wingspan. While we’re on the topic of games, I’m also LOVING this one. My parents have it, and we have been playing it every time we visit them this year. I never thought I’d be obsessed with a game about birds, but it’s so fun! It’s the perfect mix of strategy and luck.

7. Dance workout videos by MadFit. I am loving the dance party videos by MadFit on YouTube. I am historically really bad at making exercise a priority, but I’ve been trying to change that since December! I love MadFit’s dance videos because they are short (usually about 15 mintues), fun, and pack a really good workout into a short time period! Half the time I can’t do the moves right, but it gets me moving and a little sweaty nonetheless. Honestly, it’s good that I have to think so hard about trying to get the dance moves right, because my mind doesn’t have enough bandwidth to get bored with exercising.

8. My DeskCycle. The other way I’m trying to exercise more is by biking while I work! My parents got me an under-the-desk bike for Christmas, and I love it! It’s an easy way to get a little movement in when I’d otherwise be quite sedentary.

9. Becoming a Kitty and Vibe ambassador. I am SO excited to have been selected as an ambassador for swimwear company Kitty and Vibe! They have an innovative sizing system, are body positive, and are making their suits ethically and sustainably. Get ready to see some Kitty suits on Fairly Southern in the warmer months!

Kitty and Vibe Cleo Bikini | Fairly Southern

10. A bedroom furniture makeover. We are painting our bedroom furniture for a much-needed update as we prepare to move to our new house. The two dressers are complete and look SO good! Here is a before and after of one of them (just excuse all the mess in the before photo).

dresser before & after | Fairly Southern
dresser before & after | Fairly Southern

11. Deep River Snacks’ New York Spicy Dill Pickle chips. Nommmmmmm. Ordered a bag of these with my produce box one week because I was intrigued. So unique and delicious. (No, I’m not pregnant.)

What’s bringing you joy lately, friends?

xoxo Laura

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