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NakedPoppy Review: This Beauty Assessment Tool Matches You to Clean Skincare Products

NakedPoppy Review: This Beauty Assessment  Tool Matches You to Clean Skincare Products

I received gifted products in exchange for posting my honest review of NakedPoppy.

All I’m gonna say is, y’all better pay attention to this post if you’ve ever considered switching to clean, non-toxic skincare products, because I seriously wish someone had shared this information with me back when I was trying to go clean with my makeup and skincare!

I recently discovered NakedPoppy, an online shop for clean makeup and skincare products, that will match you with products that work well with your coloring and for your specific skin type and concerns. And, you can use it from the comfort of your couch. My mind is pleasantly blown!! Where has this website been all my life??

I mean, if you enjoy spending hours and hours researching individual products only to try them and realize they aren’t what you need, ain’t nobody gonna stop you. Personally, I found that process very draining when I was first trying to make the switch to clean skincare products. NakedPoppy’s free Beauty Assessment tool matches you to products that are exactly what you’re looking for–I know because I recently tried it out myself! Here is my review of NakedPoppy. If you decide to purchase some for yourself be sure to use discount code fairly15 at checkout for 15% off your order!

NakedPoppy’s Values

Okay first, I want to share a little about NakedPoppy as a brand. As I mentioned, it is a clean beauty brand and online marketplace for clean skincare and makeup products. They have a “No List” of toxic chemicals and other sketchy fillers that they guarantee are not in the products they sell. They make sure every products is free from chemicals that could be detrimental to your health, animal health (cruelty free!), and environmental health. They also check to make sure the products they carry are made using fair labor practices. All of my favorite things!

NakedPoppy’s team also tests products for performance prior to deciding to sell them. I love this, because it’s really only useful to make a clean beauty product if it works and people are going to buy and use it. All of NakedPoppy’s products are tested for effectiveness!

Finally, NakedPoppy is a woman-led brand! Yas, ladies!

Using the NakedPoppy Beauty Assessment Tool

NakedPoppy clean beauty assessment tool | Fairly Southern

What really sets NakedPoppy apart from other clean beauty retailers is their Beauty Assessment Tool. This tool asks you to answer a series of questions, then matches you with makeup and skincare products to meet your specific skin needs and concerns. I am used to quizzes from other brands in other industries, and I’m usually skeptical of the results. So, I was really impressed when NakedPoppy’s assessment tool suggested products that I could immediately tell were great matches and specifically tailored to my skincare needs.

NakedPoppy clean beauty assessment tool | Fairly Southern
NakedPoppy clean beauty assessment tool | Fairly Southern

How could I tell that I had been matched with good products? The foundation that NakedPoppy matched me with is actually my “holy grail” Alima Pure foundation that I have been using for years and love! And not only did it match me with my already preferred foundation–it matched me to the exact color I use. I was incredibly impressed. If I had used this tool several years ago when I first started searching for a clean foundation, I could have avoided a lot of unnecessary trial and error!

NakedPoppy clean beauty assessment tool | Fairly Southern
NakedPoppy clean beauty assessment tool | Fairly Southern

I was excited to learn more about the other products the tool I matched with, as they all looked promising.

Testing NakedPoppy’s Products

After taking the Beauty Assessment, I selected a few items from NakedPoppy to review. Everything came neatly packaged in a reusable cloth bag that is chic and eco-friendly.

NakedPoppy packaging | Fairly Southern

I am happy to report that the products recommended by the Beauty Assessment tool are slam dunks! NakedPoppy’s Clean Liquid Eyeliner goes on so smoothly and stays well. I am still getting the hang of using liquid liner, so I appreciated that it came with instructions on how to expertly apply. So helpful! The thin tip on this eyeliner has me itching to perfect my cat eye technique!

NakedPoppy clean beauty products | Fairly Southern

The assessment tool also did a great job matching me to the correct shade of Lily Lolo bronzer. While I’m not leaving the house and wearing makeup as much as I normally would pre-pandemic, I have had a few occasions to use the bronzer. It is subtle while still providing enough color. I’m excited to use it more as the weather starts to warm!

One type of makeup I’ve been using a lot during the pandemic is concealer. While I rarely wear foundation now, I often reach for concealer to cover acne spots or undereye circles before jumping on a Zoom call (nothing makes you look like a zombie who has never slept like good ol’ Zoom, am I right?). So, I was really excited to test the concealer the Beauty Assessment tool paired me with: Clove + Hallow’s Conceal + Correct in shade 02. Most recently I have used powder and stick concealers, and I was excited to try out a liquid concealer. The verdict? I really like it! It provides heavier coverage than the powder and stick concealers in my arsenal–perfect for when I have a really red acne spot. The liquid really brightens up my undereye area as well. I think I will have to switch to a darker shade come summer, as this one is on the light side, but I am happy with it for winter!

Finally, I tried NakedPoppy’s Nourish Cream Cleanser and Refresh Foaming Cleanser. I have not used them extensively as I am currently working through a skincare treatment line for my acne, but from the few times I did test them out, I liked them. They seemed like good quality and got the job done!

Get Matched With Your Ideal Clean Makeup & Skincare

To conclude my review of NakedPoppy, I can say confidently that I will return to NakedPoppy the next time I’m wanting a new skincare or makeup product and don’t quite know what type or what color to purchase for my skin. I am very impressed with the accuracy of their online assessment tool in matching me with products for my skin type! I hope y’all find it as useful as I have in discovering the perfect non-toxic skincare and makeup for your own personal needs!

For 15% off your NakedPoppy order, use discount code fairly15 at checkout!

xoxo Laura

P.S. – This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase a product using a link from this post. Read more here about my disclaimers/disclosures.


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