Small Joys

Small Joys: Volume 20

Small Joys: Volume 20

All the little things bringing me joy lately:

1. My first drag show. It was so much fun! I love seeing people being unapologetically themselves, and I think drag queens epitomize that. Dressing up in ways that are considered unconventional by society, and doing it proudly and publicly…I love it! Also, some of these ladies were so talented. Like, cartwheels-in-stilettos talented. Unreal.

801 Bourbon Bar Drag Show Key West  |  Fairly Southern

2. JP’s Pastry Doughnuts. Holy hector, y’all. First, let me just start off by saying that I’m not a doughnut person. Never have been. I don’t dislike them, but if I’m going to eat something sweet, I pick pretty much anything else. Wes was traveling for work recently and stopped at JP’s Pastry in Benson to pick up a treat for me. He snagged some doughnuts, and I could NOT believe how delicious they were! They are honestly more like beignets than doughnuts. The sugar rolled on the outside? Heaven. I didn’t know gluten free could taste this good.

3. Getaways. I’ve had a vacation and a couple of weekend getaways recently and have gotten to spend some great time with family/friends, go river tubing on the most gorgeous Appalachian day, and eat delicious gluten-free birthday cake made by my mama (not my birthday, but she still makes it GF for me! The best!).

Tubing the New River | Fairly Southern

4. Checking out The Flourish Market’s new space. Y’all already know that The Flourish Market is basically my favorite store. They recently opened a larger storefront in downtown Raleigh and I finally got to go check it out a couple of weeks ago. I love that they are able to offer even more ethically made clothing and gift options in this larger space!

The Flourish Market, Raleigh NC  |  Fairly Southern

5. Ice cream flight. Are there three better words in the whole wide world?? I went with some friends recently to check out Andia’s Homemade Ice Cream in Cary, NC. They offer ice cream flights with 7 small scoops of different flavors. I love unique and inventive flavors, and they definitely delivered on that (ahem, Rose Pistachio!). My favorite was the Salted Caramel Popcorn. Don’t worry, boring ice cream folks: They have chocolate and vanilla, too!

Ice Cream Flight at Andia's Homemade Ice Cream in Cary, NC  |  Fairly Southern

6. This photo from our vacation in Key West. I don’t have anywhere else to use/post it, but I love it and think it deserves some air time because these bicycles are just too darn cute.

Bicycles in Key West, Florida  |  Fairly Southern

7. A blowout. I couldn’t wash my hair on my own for five days recently due to a medical procedure. I know some of y’all probably don’t ever sweat or have a single molecule of oil on your skin, but that is not the case for this half-Italian belle. Five days with no hair wash is unthinkable if I still want to have friends and a job and a husband who wants to sit next to me on the couch. On day 3, I decided to treat myself and get a blowout. I tried a new-to-me salon that uses organic, all natural products. Abbey at E.A. Wells Hair Design did a great job on my hair and made me feel fresh and beautiful in the middle of an icky week!

Blowout by Abbey Walton at EA Wells Hair Design in Raleigh NC  |  Fairly Southern

8. Outlook of gratitude. I know, this sounds so cheesy. I even rolled my eyes as I typed it. The thing is, people talk about it because it’s true. A perspective of gratitude really does go a longgggg way in creating a joyful life. And let me just say, I am not one who immediately goes to gratitude. I can gripe and complain with the best of them–and honestly, I think it’s okay to gripe and complain a bit to release those negative emotions. But then, you need to move on and cultivate gratitude or you’re just going to spend your whole life cranky, and who really wants that? There have been several not-so-great parts of life that have happened to me lately that have ranged from minor inconveniences to major discomforts. When our refrigerator broke this past week and we had to throw away all of the food in our refrigerator and freezer and then drop a tonnnn of cash on a new refrigerator, I wanted to scream. But instead, I reminded myself how lucky we are to be able to afford new food, to have the money for a new refrigerator even if it means cutting spending elsewhere, and to have the time and physical ability to go out to shop for a new refrigerator. Yes, this was an inconvenience and money suck, and believe me, I didn’t necessarily gloss over that. But having a little bit of gratitude instead of totally freaking the hell out made the experience a bit better.

9. This guy. I don’t thank him enough for all he does to make my life better, so I’m taking this opportunity. I do want to emphasize that our relationship is far from perfect, because I think it is easy to look at others’ relationships on the Internet and think they never fight and are 100% SO HEAD OVER HEELS HAPPY all the time, and I’m pretty sure that is never the case. But we continue to choose each other and strive to be better, and there is no one else I’d rather fight with about whether our refrigerator needs a hot water dispenser than this guy right here. Also he gets up to walk the dog every morning so I don’t have to and if that’s not a small joy, I don’t know what is. Love you mean it, Wes!

Key West Harbor  |  Fairly Southern

10. This shirt. We couldn’t end on too serious of a note here, y’all. This shirt makes me feel very understood. Now I just need to find an ethically made version.

But First Let Me Overreact t-shirt  |  Fairly Southern

What’s bringing you joy lately, friends? Share in the comments!

xoxo Laura


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