Small Joys

Small Joys: Volume 28

Small Joys: Volume 28

Whew. Our world has been pretty heavy lately. Typically when I sit down to write my latest list of Small Joys, I scroll through the camera roll on my phone for reminders of all the good things I’ve experienced recently. As I was scrolling through today, I was reminded of just how tough and sad life has been for so many lately. I saw reminders of things that are important to talk about and share, but that certainly aren’t joyful.

This list is intentionally a highlight reel; a way to recenter myself in gratitude. But please don’t read it and think that I feel flippantly or unconcerned about the many difficult things going on in our world or that my life is always perfect. It’s not!! This is just the good stuff. If you’re going through a tough time or feeling the heaviness of the world on your shoulders today, I hope that you too can find some small bits of joy. You are not alone.

All of the little things bringing me joy lately:

1. Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I was pumped when my sister chose Untamed for our book club, as I was a huge fan of Glennon Doyle’s last book, Love Warrior. It did not disappoint. I’m a big library user, but I bought this book because I knew I’d want to take notes and re-read it, and I was right. Highly recommend buying a copy! So much good truth about how society has caged us and prevented us from being our true selves.

2. A trip to JP’s Pastry. I’ve been a huge fan of JP’s Pastry’s gluten free baked goods for years. I typically buy them at Whole Foods. I had never been to their storefront in Benson, NC and recently visited while on the way to the beach. I was like a kid in a candy store! There are so many products in the store that you can’t find elsewhere. I loaded up!

JP's Pastry Gluten Free Bakery in Benson, NC  |  Fairly Southern

3. Pride Month. Pride Month looked a little different this year. Celebrations were subdued due to COVID-19 and due to some redirected and necessary focus on the Black Lives Matter movement. Even still, I saw people celebrating their uniqueness and queerness in beautiful ways. People I love and respect officially came out and presented their whole selves to the world, and it was beautiful.

Rainbow pride flag | Fairly Southern

4. An office at the beach. One of the benefits of working from home during COVID-19 is that I can work from anywhere with Internet access. I worked from the beach last week and was loving my salty-aired office!

Beach house deck  |  Fairly Southern

5. Coola Sun Silk Drops. The Coola Sun Silk Drops have been a lifesaver for me this summer as I have spent lots of time outside! I bought this face sunscreen a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. It protects against UV light as well as blue light from electronics. It goes on super easily and essentially just disappears–you can put makeup on top of it, or not! It doesn’t clog up my pores, and I love that the ingredients are organic and non-toxic. I balked a little at the price at first, but it is actually incredibly cost effective. Just 2-3 drops covers my entire face. I’ve barely made a dent in it! This is likely going to be a “forever” product for me!

6. This sticker that I got as a little freebie in an order from Honeyberry Studios.

Self-Care is Not Selfish sticker by Honeyberry Studios  |  Fairly Southern

7. Taking a little bit of time off from blogging!

What’s been bringing you joy lately, friends?

xoxo Laura

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