Small Joys

Small Joys: Volume 6

Small Joys: Volume 6

Y’all, I think I could write an entire post about the little joys from this weekend alone. I love this time of year! Twinkly lights, holiday parties, festive desserts, and cheery drinks are my jam. It’s been an easy season for finding joy!


1. Christmas lights. I’ve already mentioned it, but it’s worth saying again. All of these twinkly lights have made me so excited! I’ve put shots of some of my favorite neighborhood lights up on Insta stories, and y’all seem to be loving it, too!  

2. Christmas ornaments. Yes, these get their own separate mention from the Christmas lights. I’m on team hodge podge Christmas tree (the matchy matchy trees tend to feel too impersonal to me), and Wes and I decorate ours with lots of nostalgic ornaments from our childhood. Our tree proudly displays several Barbies, a pickle, a gumball-and-pipe-cleaner spider, a cinnamon star that is missing one arm after a run-in with my childhood cat, and, to top it all off, a terrifying stunning angel tree topper that Wes made when he was a toddler. Of course, we also have some truly beautiful ornaments, like Museum of Modern Art snowflakes, crystal bells, and a glass ball containing strips of our wedding invitation. Finally, there are pricelessly sentimental ornaments like this one that bring more than a few tears to my eyes. Our tree is not lacking in personality. I adore it!

Gumball and pipe cleaner spider ornament | Fairly Southern

Go Tar Heels Christmas ornament | Fairly Southern

Christmas tree | Fairly Southern

3. SHAIR podcast episode 47: Dope Sick with Cole Chance. Cole Chance is a yoga instructor with YogaTX, and I have really been loving her yoga YouTube videos. In this podcast, Cole talks about how she finally overcame years of addiction and the role that yoga played in her recovery. I highly recommend listening! Such an inspirational story.

SHAIR Podcast: Dope Sick with Cole Chance. Inspirational story of how yoga instructor Cole Chance beat addiction. | Fairly Southern

4. Fleece pajama pants. Is there anything better when it’s 30 degrees outside? Nope.

5. Murder mysteries. I recently attended my first murder mystery party, and it was a super fun experience! Though, I found it difficult to stay in character while also trying to interview others, piece together clues, and solve the mystery. In a fun twist of events, I actually turned out to be the murderer!

6. Ugly Christmas sweaters. These parties never get old to me. We always did tacky Christmas parties in college (not just limited to sweaters), and it was my absolute favorite. Wes and I found some fabulously tacky sweaters this year and ended up winning the couples category at our church’s ugly sweater party.

7. Secco Cranberry. If you know me in real life, you’ve likely already heard me talk about this. It is cranberry flavored Prosecco, it is $4.99 at Trader Joe’s, and it is DELICIOUS. So light and refreshing! And seasonal! The perfect inexpensive beverage to take to your next Christmas party! I really wish I was making commission on all of the bottles of Secco Cranberry I’ve convinced others to buy. I’d be rolling in the dough!

8. The big things that my favorite store, The Flourish Market, is doing.

You belong here. Welcome home. | Fairly Southern

That’s all for now, friends. Comment and let me know what’s been bringing you joy lately!

xoxo Laura

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  1. I’m team hodge podge tree too! It feels so much more homey when the tree is full of ornaments that hold memories rather than themed ornaments. I’m shocked at the lack of Christmas lights I’ve seen while driving around – it seems like very few people in my neighborhood have bothered to decorate their exteriors this year. 🙁

  2. Love your tree! We have several coordinated ornaments that I rarely even pull out anymore because I love the mix-match meaningful ornaments so much more! We’ve also been to a couple of lightshows this year and have LOVED them!

  3. I have to say that I wish I could wear fluffy furry Christmas pajamas they are my favorite but unfortunately they make me too hot. It was good to see you at The Flourish Market.

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