1. This is a good way to look at social media! Your story of the two friends’ reunion is unfortunately all too common. I have several friends who make a big deal of taking lots of photos every time a group of us hang out together, and it makes the outing seem less like a fun time with friends and more like a time for them to brag about how social their life is. Rather than having a strict social media mission statement, I like your idea of being transparent and authentic with everything you post.

  2. Laura, I absolutely adore this post and your mission. It is something that as a blogger I have struggled with myself, trying to keep up with the perfect insta bloggers instead of just being myself! I decided recently that I don’t care if my blog isn’t perfectly curated, because I am not perfect and my life isn’t perfect. I want it to be a true and authentic representation of myself! Thank you for this post because it just affirmed what I was thinking! 🙂 xo

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