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Social Justice Sunday: Honesty for the Dying

It’s been a longggggg time since I’ve done a Social Justice Sunday post! I am going to try to regularly add them back into the mix here on the blog in honor of my social worker roots.

Today’s social justice tidbit is coming to you thanks to a TED video from earlier this year. All people, including the dying, deserve our honesty and authenticity. It may not be nice news that we’re sharing, but it’s disrespectful and misleading to people when we hide the truth from them in a misguided attempt to “protect” them!

And, as a bonus to make you smile (and/or happy cry) since that was a pretty heavy topic, here’s an adorable kid + puppy video to make your day:

xoxo Laura


  1. This is such an interesting perspective. This is a really good point about being honest with people and giving them dignity in knowing the truth.

  2. It seems everyone’s first reaction is to be merciful to the dying by not telling them, but really that’s robs them of the truth. I enjoyed hearing his perspective!

  3. thank you so much for sharing this and for making this topic so relevant. We had to do this with my dad and finally tell him it was okay to let go. He was at peace after that.

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