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Sustainable Sandals: Oka-B Review

Sustainable Sandals: Oka-B Review

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Oka-B sandals in exchange for a review. This review contains my unbiased, independent opinions.

I used to always choose fashion over comfort when it came to my shoes. Now, I won’t settle for one or the other! I want super comfortable shoes that still look cute and are practical (i.e. can be worn for multiple occasions). And, it helps if they are made ethically and sustainably, too!

I had heard about Oka-B shoes and had contemplated ordering a pair for about a year or so. Then, Oka-B reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try some. The brand seemed like it could check all of my criteria boxes, so I jumped at the opportunity! I chose the Quinn Sandal.

Oka-B Sandals Review: Sustainable, Fashionable, Comfortable, Women-Owned, Made in the USA  |  Fairly Southern

I’ve been wearing my Oka-B sandals for a couple of months now because I wanted to really wear them before writing a review. Trying on a pair of shoes for a couple of hours really isn’t enough to form a good opinion. I have definitely tested these shoes out (including walking around on Savannah cobblestones for several hours!), so this review is the real deal.

Here’s how Oka-B’s sandals stack up on my criteria:


Check! I am really picky about how my shoes look. I have slender calves that can easily be overwhelmed by chunky shoes. These sandals are trim and don’t overwhelm.

Oka-B Sandals Review: Sustainable, Fashionable, Comfortable, Women-Owned, Made in the USA | Fairly Southern

I also like my shoes to be versatile enough to wear to work as well as for more causal occasions. These shoes can go either way! The tassels and gold accents glam them up a bit without making them unapproachable for more casual days. And, the neutral color means they look great with any outfit.

Oka-B has tons of other styles available, including sandals, ballet flats, slides, and flip-flops. Here are a couple of my other favorite styles from their website:

Taylor Ballet Flat

Oka-B Taylor Shiny Ballet Flat  |  Fairly Southern

Neptune T-Strap Sandal

Oka-B Neptune T-Strap Sandal |  Fairly Southern

Sunny Flip Flop

Oka-B Sunny Flip Flop |  Fairly Southern


Overall, these shoes are very comfortable. There was no break-in period. I’ve walked in them for hours on rough terrain, and my feet have always felt great afterward. The only thing I would change is the level of arch support. If you’re someone who needs arch support, these shoes are for you!! I don’t normally wear shoes with much arch support, so when I first put these on, the level of support felt a bit aggressive to me. That said, I never felt like my arch was getting pressed or rubbed. It was really just the initial shock of having such a large mound under my arch.


These shoes are very practical. Because they’re so comfortable, they are great for traveling.

The plastic material is also extremely easy to clean, and I don’t have to worry about getting them wet since I can just wipe them off. In fact, at the time I am writing this, it is a very rainy day. I specifically chose to wear my Oka-B’s on this nasty day because I knew I didn’t have to worry about them getting gross and soggy if I got a little wet! I could also see these shoes being very practical if you work in a medical setting and need shoes that can be cleaned easily.

And finally, these shoes come at a practical price. Oka-B’s various styles currently range from $30-$60 per pair. My Quinn Sandals are $60, and I definitely think they are worth that price.


Oka-B is a woman-owned company, which I love. Women are underrepresented (and underpaid) in the business world, and I love supporting other ladies when I can. 

Oka-B Sandals Review: Sustainable, Fashionable, Comfortable, Women-Owned, Made in the USA  |  Fairly Southern

The shoes are also made in the USA, which is good in terms of relatively ethical labor laws as well as a smaller carbon footprint (they aren’t traveling far to get to me….in fact, they’re coming from right here in the South, in Georgia!).

Oka-B also has sustainability in mind. Their shoes are made from 15-25% recycled material, and they have a recycling program that allows consumers to return their shoes when they are done wearing them to be recycled into material that can be used for future Oka-B shoes. They even reward customers for recycling their shoes by sending them a 15% off promo code!

The Final Verdict

I really like my Oka-B sandals. The only thing I would possibly change is for them to have less arch support—otherwise, these sandals get an enthusiastic thumbs up from me! This is absolutely a company I will look to for future shoe purchases.

If you’ve tried Oka-B shoes, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

xoxo Laura

Oka-B Sandals Review: Sustainable, Fashionable, Comfortable, Women-Owned, Made in the USA | Fairly Southern


  1. 5th pair now over 10 years. If I wear them for awhile they get slick from sweat. They produce or emit something that itches my feet and causes sweating. The recycled material and soy must not be same mix as 10 years ago.

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